Recipero is a wellness center that not only focuses on massage therapy but also
holistic health, wellness activities, and educational resources.

Recipero is a wellness center that not only focuses on massage therapy but also holistic health, wellness activities, and educational resources. Throughout our space, we showcase high quality essential oils, local organic farmers and artists. We are passionate about what we do and strive to bring a sense of wellbeing and balance to our local community. It is our goal that clients will be able to look to our center as an answer to natural self-care through empowerment and education.

Ask us how we can help you achieve overall wellness today.

simply mindful

Are you curious about all the fuss you’ve heard about the benefits of meditation?   Have you wanted to try it but felt intimidated by those images of cross-legged yogis sitting in a cave?  If so, this is the class for you!  There are many forms of meditation and there is a style that is right for you.  During a 6 weeks course we will learn about different styles of meditation, experience Guided Visualization and explore the relaxing benefits of Breath Work.  Each session will end with a group meditation.

(Please enroll in an individual, advanced meditation class after you’ve completed our 6-week course.)

Paula Heard

Paula Heard

Wellness Coach

One of our most pervasive fears is the fear of Change and the Stress that comes with it. All too often we find ourselves at a crossroads that means we must change. We have a choice about the path we take, one of struggle or one of empowerment. It takes focus, commitment and a good support system to make lasting changes. Through my life, I have overcome many major changes by finding the right support, gathering some healthy tools and staying focused on one step at a time. With over 35 years of experience in the field of Wellness Coaching and Change Management, I have crafted a unique approach when it comes to helping you achieve the results you are looking for.  By staying open to learning, having tools, resources and support, and looking for gifts along the way, you can get through amazing things feeling alive and invigorated.  I have a real passion for helping others when it comes to Embracing Change and Reducing Stress and am very excited to be a part of the great team Ginny Reeves is creating for the Recipero Massage & Wellness Center.   Lets work together to not only get through the stressful changes life brings us, but learn to Grow and Thrive because of them! Come explore your best self through Meditation, EFT and Focused Intentions workshops. 

Change your Thoughts and you Change your World….

Email: ThrivingTrans@gmail.com

Phone: (512) 791-0644

eat local

Interested in eating local and supporting our community? The private Buying Club offered through Sweet Grass pastures is a way for you to purchase your food directly from the farm. The buying club is a group of educated food buyers dedicated to doing something positive with their food dollar for their environment, health, and family. It also allows their customers to have a relationship with their farmer and their food.  Pre-ordered farm products are delivered to Recipero on a regular basis for Buying Club members to pick up. One week before each buying club drop off, they send out an email shopping list of the farm fresh products that will be available that week.  Place your order no later than 3 days before the delivery via email and meet them at Recipero. There is no cost to sign up and become a member of the buy club. They only require an email and a minimum of two orders per year.  For more information and to sign up for the buy club visit their website.  Support local farms!

Sweet Grass Pastures

Sweet Grass Pastures

Local Meat and Produce Delivery

Sweet Grass Pastures is a local, family owned, sustainable farm nestled in Lucedale Mississippi.  Owners Nathan and Sherri Scott are happy to offer a new way for families to shop locally.  With the introduction of the “buying club” to their farm they are able to provide not just Lucedale but all of South Mississippi with fresh, pasture raised poultry, pork, beef, eggs, honey and more.

Website: www.sweetgrasspastures.com

Email: sweetgrasspastures@gmail.com

Phone: (601)385-3660

At Recipero Massage and Wellness, we are more than just massage. We believe in encompassing all aspects of wellness. This includes giving you the tools you need to enhance your knowledge of self-care and alternative, holistic treatments. We offer an ever changing variety of resources including local farmers market pick-ups, the sale of essential oils, and meditation classes. Please send us a message to see what we can offer you. Be your best you and support your local community.